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Announcement From Center For Excellende

In line with the philosophy of Quality Assurance for "continuous improvement", it is with pleasure for the Center for Excellence to announce the revamped QA web site for the University AuQS200 Quality Management System or you can access from under Quality Assurance. Only the QA Internal Reports are password protected, but faculty and staff can use their AU user name and password to access the SAR and IAAR pdf files.
The rationale for the site are:
  1. To serve as the knowledge base for the dissemination of QA information to all stakeholders
  2. To encourage the sharing and learning foundation in the university as a learning organization.

We hope that the site will be useful to everyone in their strive for QA. As some part are still under construction, we welcome any feedback and recommendation for the improvement of the site that can help in the success of the QA movement in the university.
The CFE telephone extension is # 1221 and 1224, and we welcome all calls.

Thank you. Best Regards.

Asst. Prof. Teay Shawyun, Ph.D.
Center for Excellence
2nd Flr, P Building, Hua Mark Campus

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