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Subject: New deducted rate of subscription money for the Social Security Fund.

In accordance with the Ministry's new regulation, the Office of Social Security has officially informed us the new rate of subscription money to be deducted from the employee's salary which will be effective from the year 2004:
  1. The deducted rate of 1.5% will cover the four security cases, i.e., sickness or injury, death, cripple, and maternity.
  2. The deducted rate of 3% will cover the two security cases, i.e., child support and old ages.
  3. The deducted rate of 0.5% will cover the unemployment.
From January 2004 onwards, the total deducted rate 5% from the employee's salary plus another 5% from the employer will be remitted to the Office of Social Security each month for the coverage of the mentioned security benefits to the employee.

Office of Human Resource Management 
Nov. 26, 2003  

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